#011 Josee Paulzak

I am a former French Canadian, who moved to Ft Walton Beach 30 years ago.

A few years back, a lady from church offered to teach us how to make soap. It was a very basic soap, made in a half and half container, but it worked, and I was hooked!

Being able to control which oils, which essential oils or fragrance and natural additives (such as clay, oatmeal and calendula) went into my soaps was very exciting!

I spent many hours studying the various techniques and ingredients going into soap making, and now turned this hobby into a small business.

I offer a variety of soaps, from the traditional to the goats milk, and even beer soaps. Each soap is crafted to be not only good for you, but also beautiful to look at!

To this I have added bath bombs, lotions and lip balms.

I hope you enjoy my products and benefit from these natural products!

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