#024 Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell started his photography adventure when “true photographers” were taking their best shots on slides, in order to obtain optimal resolution. Many things have changed since those days, with the advent of digital photography and resolutions that were unheard of in his youth.

Once a hobby, photography has developed into his passion. A true nature lover, he is most at home in the woods with his favorite escape being the Majestic Redwood forests of California. You will often find his wife on the side of a path biting her nails as she watches him move dangerously close to the edge of a ravine, her husband more interested in the right angle to capture those gentle giants than he is in his own safety.

Scott’s Chicago background culminated in his establishing his own company where he manufactured, installed and finished custom hardwood flooring. His original concepts and layouts were featured in many architectural and decor magazines, and he was the “go to” person for any decorator looking for unique and one-of-a-kind work. From hand scraped flooring to intricate inlaid designs, he was even known for being able to match a color and essence of a swatch of material provided by the elite clientele on the Gold Coast. These same clients would transport Scott across the country to work in their additional residences, where they would trust no one but him. This eye for detail, design and color has served him well in his photographic journey.

Scott hopes you will be transported to a place of serenity and oneness with nature when you view his work. If his photography brings you to a place of peace and harmony with nature, then he has accomplished his ambition.

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