#037 Ryan Mayall

Ryan Mayall is an artist based in Pensacola, Florida. He draws inspiration from the diversity of shapes and colors in the world around him, to then become the artwork you see today. From tall building to a leaf, or a butterfly’s wing, Ryan shows that love is always around, inspiration is ever flowing, and there will always be fuel for his fire. He lives in the artist’s world, playing with ideas that pull him along on his theme of love ever present. Ryan has been awarded 1st place for “Angel’s in fire” and ‘Most Experimental’ for “Soul Static”, pieces previously exhibited in Artel Gallery.

Mayall has sold nationwide, taught workshops, traveled for shows, and hopes to inspire others to live beyond what we know as reality. “People often tell me that they can only draw stick people, and cannot create art. But we both laugh as I point and show then the stick people in my ‘You Are Here’ series. Little moments like theses help me truly connect with people. I’ve found that there is often a suppression that we undergo as children. There’s a feeling we carry into adulthood, that we just aren’t any good at something. Being as example of following the call of the heart and having faith in the things we feel, but cannot see, is one of the reasons why I have become an artist.”

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