#038 Julia Rothfus

Julia Rothfus is an artist born and raised near Des Moines, Iowa. At 20 years old, she now resides in Pensacola. She has had a passion for art, travel and music ever since she was young, and her experiences play a large role in how she is today. Julia is a practicing yoga teacher, an artist and enjoys learning more about the complexities and inner workings of the mind, body, and soul. She currently has works in acrylic, oil, pen and watercolor. She is challenged by the unlimited ways of expression, and navigates through her painting as if they are a multi-dimensional dreamland. Her curiosity and inspiration began when she noticed that some people will see and experience on thing, whilst someone else could experience and see something completely different. She paints, knowing the magic of forms, shapes, shadow and color by leaving space and freedom from the mind to go deeper, the subconscious begins to speak.

“Art is a portal to something deeper. It engages people in such a peculiar way, and it all comes down to perception, to that, “what is it?” moment. When we ask ourselves to understand what we are seeing and experiencing, and the something jumps out and grabs our soul. To me, that’s when we begin to feel the truth of existence.”

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