#041 Gypsy Phoenix

I hope you enjoy my individually hand-crafted copper jewelry: Flame painted copper captures the natural, magical reaction of copper and fire! You may have seen heat colored copper before, but you probably haven’t seen flame fainted copper: there are only about 60 people in the country so far that are qualified flame painters. It is a new and exciting art form.

Using no paints nor chemicals, just the oxidation created on the copper by the flame, each piece is patterned and colored only with the heat of my torch! Like a game of “mother may I with the flame: I visualize what I want the flame painting to look like. I ask the flame for what I want. The flame and I work together, give and take until I get the color and pattern or picture that I desire. Then, to keep the magic from fading away, each piece is sealed with polymer to preserve the work of art for many years to come.

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