#047 Fire Island Glassworks

Fire Island Glassworks is a husband and wife collaboration that create fused and hot glass jewelry. We were inspired to set down the path of engaging in this artistic medium by mother nature herself.
We got our start after the 2014 volcanic eruption on Hawaii Island came within a few miles of our home. Living in intimate proximity to this raw manifestation of mother nature creating gave us the inspiration for our love of working glass. Watching lava flow and take shape before your eyes is like no other experience on earth. It is just like glass. It is creation in motion and it is impossible to resist the pull to shape this potential into beauty.
We spent the following years becoming self taught glass artists. We joined the thriving community of artists on the Big Island of Hawaii. Life in Hawaii is about Aloha. Love for your Ohana, love for your family and for your community. Respect for the Island and the pursuit of the simple things in life.
In 2018 the Volcano came to life again with a powerful display unseen in the modern era. At night the light of the lava flow lite the sky and we experienced 1000 earthquakes per day. Many of our close friends lost everything to the volcano.
We were blessed and fortunate that we were able to relocate to the panhandle of Florida and reopen our home studio, where we work. Inspired by Pele the goddess of the volcano, to create beauty from simple glass.

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