#048 Studio III Mark Bonner

Mark is originally from Dothan, Alabama, but now resides in Fort Walton Beach, FL. He began to practice his artistic talent in private classes at age 8, which he continued through age 16. His first exhibit was a group show at age 13. Mark attended the University of Alabama where he majored in commercial art. He is also the co-owner of Studio III Art Group, Inc. a Fort Walton Beach-based business, specializing in high-end faux finishes, murals, and fine art. You may have seen his most recent work locally at the downtown Fort Walton Beach Artwalk, or in the mural on the side of Run With It in downtown Fort Walton Beach. Although he has only recently started exhibiting again his artwork has been well received in the Gulf Coast area. By combining his training in graphic design, techniques learned in his current business and his love of light and reflection, marks work has evolved into a style of its own. A lot of his Work include gold, silver, or copper leaf. He has also recently begun to incorporate glass and epoxy resin into his work. Subject matter varies with his inspiration, but he typically focuses on unique interpretations of nautical themes and landscapes. Mark is a member of the Arts and Design Society of Okaloosa County. He is passionate about keeping art and culture part of the attraction to the gulf coast area. In the past few years mark has won several awards for his work. Marks work is constantly evolving. As he learns new techniques, he constantly strives to combine them with what he already knows to create something new and different.

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