#051 Elaine Schaefer, Coastal Chic

My inspiration for my art comes from the beach! That is where I spend every free minute I have. I am a self taught artist arrived from the need to use all the things I find while beach combing. Basically my husband said if you are going to keep collecting this “stuff” ( how dare him call my treasures -stuff) then you need to make something with it.

Mermaids and turtles are my favorite to work with in my art but I love making all of it. Started out just making it for myself and my home. But dear old hubby once again said “If you are going to continue making this “stuff” ( he is really pushing it now.Lol)
then you need to start selling it. So Coastal Chic was born! Hope you enjoy my work. Take a little piece of the beach home with you!

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