#052 Cupids Caliber

My name is Sarah Culbertson. I am the owner of Cupid’s Caliber and every piece is handmade by moi. I spent 14 years in the United States Air Force as a C-130 Loadmaster. I am a veteran of 13 deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Africa. I am proud of my service and I loved my job but when I was given the chance to leave active duty I realized I had the chance to explore my creative side. So, with no experience or background in jewelry making, I dove right in. I like to shoot (targets) and realized I had a plethora of bullets. So, the obvious choice is bullet jewelry, right? Ok, maybe not, but it made sense at the time. I was horrible, just awful at it! And no, I’m not being modest… at all.

Thankfully, when you’re bad at something but persist you eventually become ok at it. I was told I needed a brand name if I wanted to start selling at local art shows. So after a few glasses (read: bottles) of wine, I jumped off my couch, nearly scaring my husband to death and yelled, “CUPID’S CALIBER!!!” Thankfully my husband is used to my being a complete spaz and recovered quickly. Thus my store was born. That was two years ago. Since then, I’ve started wire wrapping as well. Which, if you’ve never tried is quite a witch! When I say I put my literal blood, sweat, and tears into every piece I’m not being facetious. Thankfully it’s mostly tears. I hope you look at my work and see the love that goes into everything I make.

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