#056 Salt Weaver

Salt-Weaver is a mother (Deanna Weaver) daughter (Kristy Salter) art team who has a passion for sharing happiness through their works. Their art is comprised of, but not limited to, many mediums such as; alcohol ink, copper manipulation, sea glass designs, photography and so much more! They truly enjoy mixing mediums and take an unconventional explorative approach to create original artistic works. Their goal is for each art piece to bring joy to the unique individual who takes it home. Their inspiration for creating art stems from great ardor of all things beachy and nautical. They also can’t help but entertain their other love, whimsy and mystical, as can be seen through the many mermaid pieces and other items they create. Taking old and new mediums with an aspiration of making something distinctive and rare keeps their passion for creating beating strong. In everything they do their mantra for life is “Choose Happy” and it is their wish to spread this happiness through their art.

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