#060 Kind Design Pottery

My work is about connection through kindness. Being close and connected to those we love isn’t always possible. But when it is doable, sometimes we pull away or prioritize other things. Sometimes we’re afraid to be close or maybe we can’t quite crack the code for others to let us in. People say my artwork gives them a sense of calm and feeling calm is what we need first to truly connect with another, to give kindness, don’t you think? When we feel connected, then life becomes richer, full of happiness. My work incorporates a lot of lines, representing the connection. Shapes that blend into one another depict how we support one another, affect each other. I am hoping that my desire to be kind, my desire to create something that creates calmness, will help all of us to feel closer to each other, to feel happier.

Through my lighting, lanterns, paintings, and drawing, I try to create a sense of calm, love and kindness. I hope you enjoy it for many years.

I graduated from Roanoke College in Virginia for BS in Commercial Art. Completed my BS in Psychology at the University of Virginia and my Master’s in Social Work at the University of Tennessee. I currently own Kind Design Fine Art business and work for the Veterans Affairs as an LCSW.

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