#081 Robert Kline

A Self-taught artist, Robert Kline is enjoying a life cycle which to date includes 20 years being taught, 10 teaching, 15 years in finance and four important novels. His artistic and literary inspirations are at best a tangled confluence of quiet visceral or sternum-thumping experiences: the barely contained raucous might of a P-51 sucking you back into your seat; the magnificent marriage of mass and texture molding the shifting landscape of a women’s body; the lumbering beauty of a C-47 sliding into land, her round engines snapping and popping on her final approach; the sexual grace of a John Alden cutter—62 feet of 80 year old magic slicing through Atlantic swells; a tropical downpour on large, recently we leaves; good music; loud music; cold, cheap vodka in a thin, chilled glass…and after just shy of seven decades, one more day, just one more wonderful day—starting tomorrow, please.

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