The Artists

Artists color our world with their creativity. At Artbound Art Gallery, we are proud to share the work of over forty local artists. Their art ranges from wall art, bags, jewelry and even aroma candles. To purchase their work, you can visit our shop locally or shop online in our store. On this page, we will share some of our artist's stories.

Florida Local Artists

I’m the creator behind A Tea Leaf and love making modern and affordable jewelry.

I’m inspired by nature as well as vintage design styles like Art Deco and Art Nouveau. My latest and most popular collection is cut-out brass necklaces and earrings that have allowed me to combine my background in graphic design and illustration with my love for jewelry. I’ve created an array of different designs so it’s super easy to gift whether somebody is into pets, nature, vintage design, science, etc.

All the magic happens in Portland, Oregon with the help of my husband Justin and a few helpers.

Alissa Thiele

William and Alice Cimino have made the Emerald Coast their home for the last 8 years. While on vacation in 2008, they fell in love with the beautiful beaches. They went home, sold their Virginia Beach home and moved to Florida! They particularly enjoy walks on the beach collecting seashells as inspiration for their art. All pieces are created with reclaimed wood. Enjoy a little piece of Florida from their home to yours for many years to come!

Andrew is primarily a self-taught artist. Wargo specializes in working with acrylics and acrylic mediums on various surfaces. Although most of his works are on canvas and wood panels, Andrew has also specialized in large scale building murals in our local area. Wargo’s pieces usually include a great deal of color and expression. Drawing from inspiration Wargo has immersed himself in the local art community and continues to create art daily.

I have always loved creating art. I studied fine arts in college and teach art at a local elementary school. Anne Hall Designs started when I wanted Redfish curtains for my home and couldn’t find the design I had visualized so I created them myself. Anne Hall Designs was born! Most of my hand-carved and printed designs are used to create unique home décor and paper goods. I am continually inspired by God’s creation and the amazing creatures that call this area home. I love to fish and play in the gulf and bay with my husband, two daughters and a chocolate lab.

Bill Cunningham grew up near Fort Walton Beach. He and his wife moved out of the area for approximately 30 years to pursue a career in federal law-enforcement. Their love of this area brought them home immediately after retirement. Bill has always had an interest in various forms of woodworking; however, for the last 10 years he’s focused on bowl and pen turning. In the last couple of years he has begun using 12,000 volts of electricity to burn some of his bowls which makes them look as though they were struck by a bolt of lightning. Additionally, in the last few years he has started making camping knives with custom hand sewn scabbards and chef knives using high-quality stainless steel and Damascus (many layers) steel. He frequently produces seasonally themed items which can be found in the shop.

I live in Navarre, Florida near the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and I made my own fragrances. All my fragrances are made with only the finest 100% pure essential oils. Fragrance notes and dry fractioned therapeutic grade coconut oil.

I am a long-time resident of Florida’s emerald coast. I love the water in our area and spend as much time as possible on it, especially paddling on the creeks and rivers. I am inspired by the wild life I see outside. I make a lot of three-dimensional art work but have been concentrating on wall hangings for the last year or so. My focus is to become more whimsical with my finished products and like the new direction I have recently been experimenting with. Keep checking back for my updated works.

As a child, I was drawn to creative expression. My love for art and mixed media came naturally; my talent is a gift from God. I want my art to touch the viewer so profoundly that he/she finds healing for life’s struggles. I want the light to dance off the media and connect with the viewer on a spiritual level. I create with acrylic, glass and mixed media pieces.

Christina Donahoe is a Pittsburgh born artist that began working professionally at age 15. She studied art at Seton Hill University, specializing in drawing and painting. Although she enjoys creating pieces that bring joy to her local, Fort Walton Beach community, she also is delighted to collaborate with buyers to help make their creative vision a reality.

“Using my abilities to bring someone else's original idea to life is incredibly rewarding. Whatever the subject matter may be, the result is always far better than what either of us could have created on our own.”

Christina typically works with acrylics and oil paints as well as ink and charcoal. Since most of her work is commissioned by buyers, her eclectic gallery includes portraits, custom interior paintings, logos, and personalized gifts.

Clair Raabe is a self-taught glass carver and flame worker. Clair says of her work, "My images are friends from my world of imagination. I am inspired by the ancient stories filled with larger-than-life heroes, mysteries and the challenge of following your dreams. I identify with the character that takes the other road and finds personal fulfillment. Glass is my medium, it is also my passion. I have followed the road of the creative soul and have found my heart's song. It is reflected in every piece."
Clair Raabe's work is in the permanent collection of the Corning Museum of Glass, the White House collection of American craftsman and Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands, a gift from the people of Aruba.

Loving art of any kind, from a 4th grade skyline of New York City. I found there were people liked what I did! Over the years of moving from one place to another art has always been a part of my life. Living in Fort Walton Beach since 1973, the beaches and their beauty have been my main focus and Inspiration using multiple mediums from pastels, watercolor, acrylics and even crafts of SANTAS! I love it all. I hope you find it somehow “speaking to you”.

Salt-Weaver is a mother (Deanna Weaver) daughter (Kristy Salter) art team who has a passion for sharing happiness through their works. Their art is comprised of, but not limited to, many mediums such as; alcohol ink, copper manipulation, sea glass designs, photography and so much more! They truly enjoy mixing mediums and take an unconventional explorative approach to create original artistic works. Their goal is for each art piece to bring joy to the unique individual who takes it home. Their inspiration for creating art stems from great ardor of all things beachy and nautical. They also can’t help but entertain their other love, whimsy and mystical, as can be seen through the many mermaid pieces and other items they create. Taking old and new mediums with an aspiration of making something distinctive and rare keeps their passion for creating beating strong. In everything they do their mantra for life is “Choose Happy” and it is their wish to spread this happiness through their art.

Originally from Northern California, she proudly serves in the USAF. She is multiracial (African American, Japanese, Filipino, Native American and European) an avid foodie, loves to learn about different cultures, traveling and being creative. Her inspiration is drawn from all aspects of life as long as the colors pop and they bring joy to others. She is currently inspired by: Mexican folk art, south west, street and graffiti art, pop art and Frida Kahlo.

I'm a self-taught artist. I love creating anything I can. I've been painting and drawing for almost 25 years. I started hand painting small neck pieces for friends as gifts and I got so many requests and compliments I decided to start making them for the public. I moved on to experimenting with different wires and natural stones. Now I've been making Artisan wire pendants and rings with select cabochons I find from my favorite Etsy suppliers. My favorite stones are rainbow moonstones and labradorites. I like to make items that are affordable. I believe everyone should have a unique affordable piece of jewelry they can enjoy. I have been creating jewelry pieces for 5 years now and I'm always experimenting and looking into new ways to create that new, unique piece of jewelry. I live on the panhandle of Florida, where we have emerald green waters and beautiful white sand. Boating is my favorite pastime, besides painting, jewelry making and cake decorating. I'm married with 2 kids.

A Destin native and custom pallet art specialist: with deep roots as one of the co-founding families of the Emerald Coast, my desire is for my art to remind you of your amazing personal experiences of the area and its beautiful beaches, sunsets emerald green waters, and od fishing village feel.

Expressions Bracelets was launched January 2012 with a desire to adorn others with expressions of their life story. Crafting beaded bracelets from natural gemstones and hand stamping accessories one letter at a time, we offer high quality jewelry for the everyday woman. Created by women for women, an expressions bracelettouches the soul with healing gemstones bracelets or hand stamped spiritual mantras, motivational phrases or personalized message cuffs. We encourage the wearer to proudly wear their story on our jewelry.

Expressions Bracelets has created hand stamped cuffs for organizations that bring awareness to domestic violence, sex trafficking, breast cancer, and autism to name a few. We have stamped jewelry for women who have suffered great losses to women who have achieved great accomplishments. Personalized is a part of who we are and we want each wrist to be a reflection of that individual's journey.

Hello, all of these Happy Skraps pieces are made out of a shop that my dad share and I share. I get recycled scraps of metal from different businesses. These suppliers are just going to throw the metal or cutouts away anyway so I am happy to take care of it for them. I also get parts from garages or everyday people that want to get rid of metal. I then weld the parts together to create an object of my imagination. The finished product is dipped in polyurethane to protect the coat from scratches and give it a shinier look.

Jacqueline Pauline Jones is an artist, art therapist, and art educator. Art making has played a significant role in my daily life and my life mission is to connect with others through the use of art and to share art’s powerful ability to promote wellbeing. I earned my Bachelor of Art in Art Education in 2006 at the University of Maryland, and my Master of Education in Art Education at the University of Maryland in 2008. I taught art in Fairfax County Public Schools for a few years before going on to earn my Master of Art in Art Therapy at the George Washington University in 2013. Since then I have worked in military treatment facilities providing art therapy to active duty service members healing from invisible wounds of war. I have studied art in Italy, Greece, and the United States, and I have used art in working with people in Brazil, India, and the United States. I love to explore the world, connect with people and nature, and use a variety of media when reflecting on my experiences. My artwork is deeply personal and is where I find my zen. I hope you enjoy it!

Established in 1980, the pottery business remains family owned and operated with works by the original owners Marty, Brenda, and Jason Stokes. Individually signed pottery pieces depict life on the Emerald Coast of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. Each hand made piece is unique and reflects the natural beauty of local sea life, whether it be functional table ware, kitchen ware, or art form decor.

Jeff Waldorff is an award-winning nature and wildlife photographer whose photographs have been featured in Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Delta Sky Magazine, Canoe & Kayak Magazine, Coastlines, Club Side, Landscape Photography, Coastal Lifestyles, Portfolio Magazine, and Emerald Coast Life. In addition, he was one of the select local artists to have his art in Destin's Luxurious Henderson Beach Resort and Spa.

Being a Florida native, Jeff has always enjoyed the outdoors. As a child, he was fascinated by nature and the local wildlife. Often He could be found outside chasing bugs and lizards or with his nose buried in one of his countless wildlife & nature encyclopedias. This closeness with nature has been carried with him into his adulthood. And today, with his camera in tow his old childhood passion is rekindled. As a former computer engineer, the camera just made sense to Jeff. His ability to shoot macros, landscapes and wildlife show his diversity. Jeff's artistic vision is revealed in each of his captures.

His wife, Angelique, has many stories to tell of Jeff's Grad adventures. "You can't go anywhere with him that he is not scouting an area and plotting out his next shot. Sometimes he plans photos months in advance, calculating at what degree the sun will rise or set and then just waits on Mother Nature to bring him ad incredible sky. No doubt he has an adventurous story to tell with each of his captures."

Angelique manages Waldorff Photography when Jeff is off on his photography excursions. He also photographs for commercial use and teaches private and group photography workshops. It is the wondrous beauty of the Northwest Florida Coastline that has kept Jeff and his family, local residents.

Welcome to Jellyfish Tide! Everything here is handmade, perfectly imperfect, and one of a kind. Pick out a hand stamped wax seal necklace and add some sparkle with Swarovski birthstones (for each of your children's birthdays) or a pearl to represent your love of the beach. You can choose from a variety of hand stamped mini designs including anchors, flip flops, hearts, stars, dogs, cats, and even a lucky horseshoe to add to your wax seal initial necklace. If you have a favorite quote or someone special in your life, pick out a custom stamped cuff bracelet that is hand stamped with exactly what you want the world to know. If you are determined to find a unique, one of a kind gift for a group of bridesmaids, your best friend, or even just yourself, you have found THE destination for perfectly handmade goodness.

Specializing in wood and furniture she creates beautiful pieces for her clients to cherish for generations. She started wood working after six years of dedicated service in the United States Air Force. Taking inspiration from natural beach colors she has found her special calling. From pallet art to fine furniture she has learned to play with new textures and colors to keep her work fresh. No two pieces are alike.

I am a former French Canadian, who moved to Ft Walton Beach 30 years ago.

A few years back, a lady from church offered to teach us how to make soap. It was a very basic soap, made in a half and half container, but it worked, and I was hooked!

Being able to control which oils, which essential oils or fragrance and natural additives (such as clay, oatmeal and calendula) went into my soaps was very exciting!

I spent many hours studying the various techniques and ingredients going into soap making, and now turned this hobby into a small business.

I offer a variety of soaps, from the traditional to the goats milk, and even beer soaps. Each soap is crafted to be not only good for you, but also beautiful to look at!

To this I have added bath bombs, lotions and lip balms.

I hope you enjoy my products and benefit from these natural products!

Julia Rothfus is an artist born and raised near Des Moines, Iowa. At 20 years old, she now resides in Pensacola. She has had a passion for art, travel and music ever since she was young, and her experiences play a large role in how she is today. Julia is a practicing yoga teacher, an artist and enjoys learning more about the complexities and inner workings of the mind, body, and soul. She currently has works in acrylic, oil, pen and watercolor. She is challenged by the unlimited ways of expression, and navigates through her painting as if they are a multi-dimensional dreamland. Her curiosity and inspiration began when she noticed that some people will see and experience on thing, whilst someone else could experience and see something completely different. She paints, knowing the magic of forms, shapes, shadow and color by leaving space and freedom from the mind to go deeper, the subconscious begins to speak.

“Art is a portal to something deeper. It engages people in such a peculiar way, and it all comes down to perception, to that, “what is it?” moment. When we ask ourselves to understand what we are seeing and experiencing, and the something jumps out and grabs our soul. To me, that’s when we begin to feel the truth of existence.”

My work is about connection through kindness. Being close and connected to those we love isn’t always possible. But when it is doable, sometimes we pull away or prioritize other things. Sometimes we’re afraid to be close or maybe we can’t quite crack the code for others to let us in. People say my artwork gives them a sense of calm and feeling calm is what we need first to truly connect with another, to give kindness, don’t you think? When we feel connected, then life becomes richer, full of happiness. My work incorporates a lot of lines, representing the connection. Shapes that blend into one another depict how we support one another, affect each other. I am hoping that my desire to be kind, my desire to create something that creates calmness, will help all of us to feel closer to each other, to feel happier.

Through my lighting, lanterns, paintings, and drawing, I try to create a sense of calm, love and kindness. I hope you enjoy it for many years.

I graduated from Roanoke College in Virginia for BS in Commercial Art. Completed my BS in Psychology at the University of Virginia and my Master’s in Social Work at the University of Tennessee. I currently own Kind Design Fine Art business and work for the Veterans Affairs as an LCSW.

I look for old and discarded frames, and items, and add primitive inspiration to them. I learned this technique while living in England, going to classes, specializing in Annie Sloan Paint. Using old dictionary paper is just another way of recycling. I am a retired military wife that has lived in Fort Walton Beach for over 20 years, and it is now my hometown!

I've always considered myself creative and enjoyed creating something out of whatever supplies I had. I have a degree is in education but my passion has always been art. Over the almost 20 years in a classroom, art was always an important part of my teaching. My focus is now on my art. When I began painting, I fell in love with it. Being a Florida native and living in Fort Walton Beach for the past 12 years, beach themes just came naturally to me. I then became interested in cherry blossoms and I'm really enjoying painting them. Who knows where my passion for art will take next.

Art was always my favorite subject in school. I loved creating new things and exploring varied materials. While I work on my graphic design degree, I started working more with paper. I started with cut art which led to quilling and that led to paper bead jewelry. With all the paper projects, I started to recycle my scraps into new sheets of paper and new creations.

Labecka Bryan is a Florida native born and raised in northwest Florida. Her love for the beach and the deeply spiritual intensity of the beauty that surrounds her inspires her art every day. She is a published illustrator, portrait artist, prophetic painter, and stained-glass artist. If it has beauty she has captured it in various mediums. Labecka has been featured as a regular artisan at the prestigious Deland Art festival showcasing her paintings and her whimsical one of a kind glass pieces. Labecka also offers custom artwork for your most intimate spaces.

For me, making jewelry is something that I've always been doing. Even as a child I would be creating my own bracelets and necklaces. As the years went by I began to explore the idea of making a business of it and started experimenting with different ventures. My passion lies in using really quality materials and creating something affordable but, unique. Each piece is special to me even if I've made 100 of them I still feel a very strong connection to my work. I am so blessed to be able to create and share my passion!

Hi, my name is Linda Gatlin and I am the jewelry designer and creator for Gatlin Jewelry. I was born in Riverside, California, but have been a Tuscumbia, Alabama resident since I was 11 years old. My birth was not southern, but my heart always will be. I have always had a creative side and have enjoyed exploring several different avenues to express that creativity. For the last four years I have been so blessed to enjoy designing and creating jewelry. All my pieces are handmade, most are original in design, and all are made in my home studio on Tuscumbia, Alabama. My vision is to create simple jewelry that appeals to a variety of women, designs that are comfortable enough to wear every day, and pieces that are the perfect touch for that special outfit. My hope is that wearing my jewelry will make you feel more confident and beautiful.

Lola-Marie is the artist behind Lola Enchanted, unique hand-made jewelry. I am 23 years old and for as long as I can remember I have loved jewelry and everything sparkly. As a kid I used to walk through the formal section in department stores and stare in awe at all the beautiful and sparkly dresses. As I’ve gotten older that fascination has turned into making beaded jewelry that brings a bit of sparkle without being too fancy for everyday wear. Some of my favorite things to make are the adjustable bolo necklaces and beaded anything! I make everything by hand and strive for perfection. Getting custom requests is one of the greatest things to me. I hope the pops of color and sparkle in my jewelry bring an extra ray of sunshine into your day, just like they did the day I made them.

I am a 10-year-old girl who dreams big and often. I love to design with string, boards, shells and sea glass. It gets me out into the garage playing with colors and art and keeps me off my phone, my mother says I’m on it too much. I have always loved the sea and the creatures in it. I wish I could be a mermaid to always spend my time with them. I am hoping to expand my art inventory and knowledge, so I can keep creating beautiful pieces for everyone. I am a very happy, excited and adventurous girl. I love to swim, play with puppies, visit the ocean and create art. I hope you find it as wonderful as I do.

Mark is originally from Dothan, Alabama, but now resides in Fort Walton Beach, FL. He began to practice his artistic talent in private classes at age 8, which he continued through age 16. His first exhibit was a group show at age 13. Mark attended the University of Alabama where he majored in commercial art. He is also the co-owner of Studio III Art Group, Inc. a Fort Walton Beach-based business, specializing in high-end faux finishes, murals, and fine art. You may have seen his most recent work locally at the downtown Fort Walton Beach Artwalk, or in the mural on the side of Run With It in downtown Fort Walton Beach. Although he has only recently started exhibiting again his artwork has been well received in the Gulf Coast area. By combining his training in graphic design, techniques learned in his current business and his love of light and reflection, marks work has evolved into a style of its own. A lot of his Work include gold, silver, or copper leaf. He has also recently begun to incorporate glass and epoxy resin into his work. Subject matter varies with his inspiration, but he typically focuses on unique interpretations of nautical themes and landscapes. Mark is a member of the Arts and Design Society of Okaloosa County. He is passionate about keeping art and culture part of the attraction to the gulf coast area. In the past few years mark has won several awards for his work. Marks work is constantly evolving. As he learns new techniques, he constantly strives to combine them with what he already knows to create something new and different.

Mary White is the artist behind “a holiday by the sea” -a line of original watercolors, prints and notecards. She was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama; but has called Fort Walton Beach home since 2013, with her husband and three children. Mary has always enjoyed making and creating. She grew up devouring craft books and playing on her grandmother’s sewing machine. Today she still enjoys sewing and embroidery, as well as knitting, print-making, and cooking. Her interest in watercolors began in earnest this past year and she is truly enjoying the movement and freedom of the medium. The name “a holiday by the sea” is inspired by a favorite quote from the author C.S. Lewis: “It would seem that our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.” Mary’s hope is that her work will provide encouragement and inspiration to those who need a reminder that all that is good in this world is but a glimpse of the infinite joy He offers.

Melissa lives in Fort Walton Beach with her husband and three children. She grew up in a small town in Alabama and moved to the panhandle three years ago. Melissa studied art at Columbus State University after receiving an art scholarship. After years of playing with assorted styles and media- while raising a family and working- Melissa has found her style with the ColorFlo and Sunset Series as the corner stone of her original artwork. With a passion for wildlife and other beautiful landscapes she also does vibrant portrayals of your favorite sea life and landscapes, as well as many other of the natural beauties of the world. These can take months to produce, so they are only available as prints for the perfectly decorated room or home. Melissa can match your room’s color spectrum to the ColorFlo or Sunset series style.

Michael Snyder lives in Fort Walton Beach and has been creating wood burnings for 10 years now. He starts off with a rough sketch then use a blow torch to burn the images into the wood. For the pics that have color, he uses water colors.

Liz Thomas Handmade Designs was created after years of nature-loving inspiration! Michele used this inspiration and her passion for natural health and started creating beautiful jewelry and home décor pieces. With the help of her daughter Lauren, they created their first line, aromatherapy clay pendants. Their essential oil aromatherapy pendants are a perfect pairing with any outfit- stylish, light and functional! Perfect gift giving ideas for essential oil lovers!

I hope you enjoy my individually hand-crafted copper jewelry: Flame painted copper captures the natural, magical reaction of copper and fire! You may have seen heat colored copper before, but you probably haven’t seen flame fainted copper: there are only about 60 people in the country so far that are qualified flame painters. It is a new and exciting art form.

Using no paints nor chemicals, just the oxidation created on the copper by the flame, each piece is patterned and colored only with the heat of my torch! Like a game of “mother may I with the flame: I visualize what I want the flame painting to look like. I ask the flame for what I want. The flame and I work together, give and take until I get the color and pattern or picture that I desire. Then, to keep the magic from fading away, each piece is sealed with polymer to preserve the work of art for many years to come.

Ethnically and ethically created accessories. We strive to create pieces inspired from the world. Andina is "Woman of the Andes." When I started a friendship with my now closest girlfriend years ago we shared a instant love for textiles, designing, yoga, and travel. We found our selves deep in Peruvian markets, road trips, and late nights creating our vision. Now we bring a piece of our world travels to you through Andina. Woman of the Andes, women who have a love for wild terrain, world markets, antique textiles, and whole living. All of my travels always bring home, to the beautiful Gulf Coast. Where I raise my family, create my wears, and dig my toes in the sand. Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram for the first look at what is going on.

We are Jessi and Kelli and we created OKcollective Candle Co. in early 2016 as a way to build something beautiful together. We wanted to create a thoughtfully curated brand of candles and home fragrances that were simple, pretty, super fragrant, clean burning, and a little bit silly. We think making your house or your workspace feel like home shouldn’t be unattainable, it should be affordable.

Our mission is to produce high quality, purposefully made artisan goods that will set the mood in any room, bring back feelings and memories and set the tone for new ones. Our soy candles are always hand poured in small batches in our home studio in Oklahoma City and curated to complement any unique style in any humble abode or brick and mortar.We take pride in the sustainability of our brand of all natural soy candles made with cotton wicks, fine fragrance oils, in reusable glass jars.

If you find yourself in Oklahoma City, please stop by our pink shipping container shop in Automobile Alley!

Pete Sintes - 34 Productions

My interest in art began at a young age, around 8 years old. I saw these rat comic type characters called “Rat Fink” riding on “hot rods” that had been modified and customized with big wheels and oversized drag racing engines. “Big Daddy” Ed Roth was the creator of “Rat Fink” which was published in Hot Rod magazine circa 1964. Fast-forward to a few years later in Daytona Beach, Florida I witnessed Big Daddy airbrush vivid colors on to t-shirts that had these characters imprinted in black on them. I was fascinated with the smooth transitions of one color to another no matter how vibrant or where it lied on the color spectrum you could blend them together. The airbrush was embedded in my head as to my method/technique of preference for producing art. Throughout the next few years I pursued buying an airbrush and learning how to spray and control the tool. I had to experiment with types of paints, viscosities and air pressure to figure out how Big Daddy painted on those t-shirts.

We now move forward to the early 70’s and airbrushing on t-shirts had hit the Gulf Coast by Mark Rush. Mark was building and spraying through his own stencils on t-shirts. He pioneered this technique in this area and commercialized it by producing work at a local clothing boutique, Adam’s Rib and later on in a variety of local downtown Fort Walton Beach tourist stores (The Strip). Shortly thereafter, I also began producing shirts and clothing locally but I chose to “freehand” all of my work taking advantage of my drawing skills and differentiating me from Mark and his stencil style. Months later I received a call from the owner of Adam’s Rib, that Mark had left and they needed another airbrush artist to replace him. I accepted the position and began painting after school and during the summer full time. Once school reengaged I continued airbrushing out of my garage selling to friends and classmates. When Spring Break arrived I got a call to again replace Mark at Tiger Shirt World on the Strip, which I accepted. Mark had moved to a business across the street and 2 doors down another artist “Cherokee” was working. Cherokee was older than Mark as far as I could tell and was doing fantastic freehand work also so both Mark and I had to setup our game. Later that summer a new establishment opened across the bridge called Alvin’s Island. Alvin’s was a regional large chain tourist market store. Several more artists had encroached the "The Strip” so the move to me was a logical one, open a new territory where the customers didn’t have to cross the bridge to get to The Strip and they could stay where all of the hotels and condos where, on the beach. A relative gold mine for me, although it did cause for longer hours just to keep up with the demand (the Strip artist thought I was committing suicide by the move).

During the days of the Strip and Alvin’s I was attending a local community college pursing a degree in Art. After 2 years of pursuit of an Art degree I decided that continuing my education in a traditional college atmosphere was not going to educate me in the areas of my interests, commercial art/illustration. So I applied and was accepted to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. The Art Institutes are designed to teach and develop students in Advertising Art, Illustration and business. The instructors were current professionals teaching part time the current techniques and methods required to get a job in the advertising and related fields. I completed schooling November 1978 and moved back to Fort Walton seeking a job with my newly acquired skills and education seeking a job in advertising. Much to my dismay advertising jobs were not to be found in this area so I accepted a position as a technical illustrator with a local manufacturing company that was doing government contract work where it was required that they provided illustrated documentation of their products they were manufacturing for the government. This was basically a drafting type job but on occasion the opportunity came to where I had to illustrate a product to which they wanted it to be rendered as realistically as possible for the client. Alas, the airbrush comes out again (with the exception of doing personal work trying to keep my skills ups). I had completely quit doing t-shirts and clothing once I returned from the Art Institute because I found that I could make more consistent money freelancing my illustrative work then painting on the Strip and I could work from the comforts of my home. During this time the proprietors of the businesses on the Strip began charging the airbrush artist for the space they were occupying and taking a percentage of their artwork sales, while also having to exclusively sell only the business’s clothing to airbrush on. Take home revenue from the airbrush artist dropped as much as 50% and currently remains at that in most establishments nationwide. Not a place I wanted to be, or have my art and skills minimalized at the profit of someone else.

Fast-Forward again, I spent the next 30 years or so developing my artistic skills on a new avenue of creativity, the graphics computer for the military, commercial and government contractors. I began using high-end proprietary graphics computer workstations to generate everything from 3D models/animations and renderings to presentation slides. This was before the Macintosh was introduced in 1984. I would still on occasion breakout the airbrush because I just couldn’t create the visual the customer was looking for without it looking “too computerize”. I also attended airbrush workshops from notable airbrush artist such as, Mark Fredrickson, Dave Kimble, Dave Malone and Michael Cacy.

I always strove to meld my computer work to emulate my traditional airbrush work whenever and as much as possible, I was merely utilizing another tool and method but as I began more proficient and the computer graphics demand increased I slowly steered away from any traditional art methods and techniques. The computer and its powerful graphics software became my tool of choice until I was laid-off from my corporate position in Business Development in 2015.

During the time being laid-off I broke out the airbrush again but quickly found out that a lot had changed. Paints, surfaces, airbrushes and techniques had changed and improved but were requiring a new learning process to master this change. Thank God for the internet, You Tube and the generosity of some fabulous artists and manufactures that were willing to share their knowledge, techniques and skills with the world. From that point I invested in taking instructional workshops from internationally noted airbrush artists, Dru Blair, Gerald Mendez and Steve Gibson over the course of next 2-3 years. This jump start and amazing instruction and guidance that I received from these artists/friends/colleagues has gotten me to where I’m producing my latest work.

I now combine both the digital and traditional methods to create my art. I will sometimes begin by sketching out ideas on paper then scanning the sketch into the computer or I will skip the scanning process and begin searching for images that are similar to my concept. These images can be from the internet or from my own photography. I always work from photographic references so that I can capture as much information to make my work as realistic as possible. It’s in the details that I find that segregates me from other artists that produce similar themes and subject matter. By utilizing the computer and the software I can manipulate the images so that I get a close representation of my concept to begin painting, in most cases I will utilize both the digital version and a 1 to 1 printed copy as my references.

I’m currently showing my work on my website:, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: Pete Sintes or 34 Pro, LLC, Gallery Night Downtown Pensacola, FL (3rd Friday of each month), Artbound, Local Port 48, (Downtown Fort Walton Beach, FL) and the Mattie Kelly Arts Festival, Destin FL in late October

Our provincial barbershop offers traditional barber services with modern twist, including haircuts, beard tailoring, straight razor shaving, and waxing. Rakish Fellow also produces a unique line of handcrafted all natural grooming products and retails an array of men's grooming supplies and accessories.

Jump start your beard and hairstyling game! Reject chemical heavy styling products that cause adverse effects and join the all natural movement. Rakish Fellow hand crafts a variety of all natural mens styling products both for the hair and beard. We combine luxury Quality with cleaner, safer ingredients.

A Self-taught artist, Robert Kline is enjoying a life cycle which to date includes 20 years being taught, 10 teaching, 15 years in finance and four important novels. His artistic and literary inspirations are at best a tangled confluence of quiet visceral or sternum-thumping experiences: the barely contained raucous might of a P-51 sucking you back into your seat; the magnificent marriage of mass and texture molding the shifting landscape of a women's body; the lumbering beauty of a C-47 sliding into land, her round engines snapping and popping on her final approach; the sexual grace of a John Alden cutter---62 feet of 80 year old magic slicing through Atlantic swells; a tropical downpour on large, recently we leaves; good music; loud music; cold, cheap vodka in a thin, chilled glass...and after just shy of seven decades, one more day, just one more wonderful day---starting tomorrow, please.

The Tagua Nut, harvested from the Ecuadorian Ivory Palm (Phytelephas aequatorialis), is used as an alternative to elephant tusk ivory to create beautiful figurines. Hence the name “Vegetable Ivory.” Besides the animal welfare focus, this craft is ecologically sustainable and economically stimulating. Roger learned about this craft a couple decades ago while traveling to South America to climb in the Andes Mountain Range. More recently, he has gotten to know some talented “artesanias” in Ecuador and has learned in the USA. Once the techniques are mastered, Roger takes on the designs in his workshop to create the figurines, sometimes incorporating local natural resources such as Arkansas Quartz crystals from Mount Ida into select designs.

Raised on the water, Ryan’s dad was a boat captain who brought him all over the Caribbean as a young boy. His mom was a school teacher who always encouraged him with art. He loves island and beach life and presents this in many different mediums, using old wood and dramatic color schemes. Living a simple life in Panama City Beach with his wife and daughter.

Ryan Mayall is an artist based in Pensacola, Florida. He draws inspiration from the diversity of shapes and colors in the world around him, to then become the artwork you see today. From tall building to a leaf, or a butterfly’s wing, Ryan shows that love is always around, inspiration is ever flowing, and there will always be fuel for his fire. He lives in the artist’s world, playing with ideas that pull him along on his theme of love ever present. Ryan has been awarded 1st place for “Angel’s in fire” and ‘Most Experimental’ for “Soul Static”, pieces previously exhibited in Artel Gallery.

Mayall has sold nationwide, taught workshops, traveled for shows, and hopes to inspire others to live beyond what we know as reality. “People often tell me that they can only draw stick people, and cannot create art. But we both laugh as I point and show then the stick people in my ‘You Are Here’ series. Little moments like theses help me truly connect with people. I’ve found that there is often a suppression that we undergo as children. There’s a feeling we carry into adulthood, that we just aren’t any good at something. Being as example of following the call of the heart and having faith in the things we feel, but cannot see, is one of the reasons why I have become an artist.”

Cupid's Caliber LLC

My name is Sarah Culbertson. I am the owner of Cupid's Caliber and every piece is handmade by moi. I spent 14 years in the United States Air Force as a C-130 Loadmaster. I am a veteran of 13 deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Africa. I am proud of my service and I loved my job but when I was given the chance to leave active duty I realized I had the chance to explore my creative side. So, with no experience or background in jewelry making, I dove right in. I like to shoot (targets) and realized I had a plethora of bullets. So, the obvious choice is bullet jewelry, right? Ok, maybe not, but it made sense at the time. I was horrible, just awful at it! And no, I'm not being modest... at all.

Thankfully, when you're bad at something but persist you eventually become ok at it. I was told I needed a brand name if I wanted to start selling at local art shows. So after a few glasses (read: bottles) of wine, I jumped off my couch, nearly scaring my husband to death and yelled, "CUPID'S CALIBER!!!" Thankfully my husband is used to my being a complete spaz and recovered quickly. Thus my store was born. That was two years ago. Since then, I've started wire wrapping as well. Which, if you've never tried is quite a witch! When I say I put my literal blood, sweat, and tears into every piece I'm not being facetious. Thankfully it's mostly tears. I hope you look at my work and see the love that goes into everything I make.

Scott Campbell started his photography adventure when “true photographers” were taking their best shots on slides, in order to obtain optimal resolution. Many things have changed since those days, with the advent of digital photography and resolutions that were unheard of in his youth.

Once a hobby, photography has developed into his passion. A true nature lover, he is most at home in the woods with his favorite escape being the Majestic Redwood forests of California. You will often find his wife on the side of a path biting her nails as she watches him move dangerously close to the edge of a ravine, her husband more interested in the right angle to capture those gentle giants than he is in his own safety.

Scott’s Chicago background culminated in his establishing his own company where he manufactured, installed and finished custom hardwood flooring. His original concepts and layouts were featured in many architectural and decor magazines, and he was the “go to” person for any decorator looking for unique and one-of-a-kind work. From hand scraped flooring to intricate inlaid designs, he was even known for being able to match a color and essence of a swatch of material provided by the elite clientele on the Gold Coast. These same clients would transport Scott across the country to work in their additional residences, where they would trust no one but him. This eye for detail, design and color has served him well in his photographic journey.

Scott hopes you will be transported to a place of serenity and oneness with nature when you view his work. If his photography brings you to a place of peace and harmony with nature, then he has accomplished his ambition.

I've lived in Florida most of my life and I've always been fascinated by the sea. the way it rolls and tumbles and is always beautiful.

I have also always had a passion for glass and making art. My grandmother was an artist and I am spellbound by the creative mind. Art is like music- it moves us all differently.

I started working with glass when I got sober in 2014. I found that I had a lot of extra time on my hands and needed an expressive outlet.

My first endeavor was with shadow boxes. Made from wood and stained glass, I was able to create an ocean scene with beautifully colored glass backgrounds, but it wasn't enough. It was only 2 dimensional and seemed very flat. I started making kaleidoscopes with free-floating stained glass and got the idea of a 3-dimensional quality and the sea prism is what has come of it.

I still make art in my spare time and do trade shows and festivals around the panhandle. I sell my prism, picture frames, shadow boxes and kaleidoscopes to support my new habit.

Sharing how beautiful this life is.

Hi! We are Heather and Courtney and we are Soul Sisters Custom Creations. Both of us are military wives and homeschool mamas who love Jesus, coffee, rum and ranch on our pizza. We have 6 kids between us and have named our families as a group, The Dickingers - Party of 10. Born from a need to create beauty in the aftermath and destruction of Hurricane Michael on October 10, 2018, Soul Sisters Custom Creations was founded. We felt a need to do something to keep our minds off of all the changes to our lives, loss of friends, loss of homes, and utter chaos and to bring joy to ourselves and others. As we drove around Panama City we discovered so much debris that we could do something with. With six kids in tow, our husband’s trucks and a trailer we drove around Bay county and collected fencing, pallets, roofing materials and fallen tree pieces. Our dream started with one sign and a few ornaments and quickly grew to taking custom orders and requests for DIY workshops. We are excited to offer DIY workshops for date nights, girls nights out, team building, birthday parties and more. Come learn to build and create a piece that we offer or we will help you design your own! We also have ready made custom signs for purchase. Ours designs can also be seen at Artbound in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Originally from San Francisco, I moved to the Emerald Coast in 2005 to be close to my mom who lived here for over 30 years. I am a true ocean girl. My jewelry is whimsical, electric and fun. I use leather and beads from all over to create unique one of a kind design. I hope you find joy in all my art. Namaste.

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